How to Motivate Your “Lazy” Teen with Empathy, Reflection, and Collaborative Brainstorming

Are you a high achieving parent with a teen who doesn’t seem to have the kind of drive that you do? You probably feel like you’ve tried everything to motivate them to do what needs to be done [...]


A Therapist’s Perspective on Operation Varsity Blues

As a Manhattan based psychotherapist who treats high-achieving families, I feel for the teens entangled in the Operation Varsity Blues scandal that unfolded this past spring. ​Although they have [...]


The Argument For Arguing in Front of Your Kids

Online parenting hub, The Tot, recently spoke to Dr. Dana Dorfman about arguing in front of your kids. Journalist Melanie Dimmitt suggests that, “exposure to healthy debate has been linked [...]


Would You Rather

Would you rather eat a jar of hot sauce or drink a bottle of vinegar? Would you rather be too hot or too cold? This is one of my kids’ favorite dinner time “discussions” – a conversational game [...]


The J Word: 6 Ways Parents Can Manage Junior Year Anxiety

Her eyes widen, mouth gapes open and eyebrows rise. With a look of pity and dread my friend utters dramatically, “Brace yourself!” Based on her expression, you’d think I’d told her I was going to [...]


Teen Talk: 5 Communication Tips for Parents

Because the cobbler’s child may not have shoes, it should be of no surprise that my children are not always the beneficiaries of my psychological knowledge and skills. My husband’s recent [...]


Anxiety in the Classroom With Dr. Dana Dorfman

In this episode, we chat with published NYC psychotherapist and MyloWrites expert advisor Dr. Dana Dorfman. We talk about a topic that hits right at home for many we’ve worked with: anxiety. Dana [...]


The Roundtable: Parenting Paradox Session 1

Writer and MyloWrites blogger, Stacy Rosenblum attended a roundtable discussion “facilitated and guided” by Dr. Dana Dorfman, NYC psychotherapist and mother of two. During this [...]


How To Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success

In this highly popular book by Stanford University Dean of Freshman, Julie Lythcott-Haims provides a first hand account of her experiences advising college freshmen. During her tenure, the author [...]


Finishing Strong

On the MyloWrites blog, Dr. Dana Dorfman helps Virgina Pavlick dive into the topic of students losing steam when summer is looming at the end of the school year. “As summer nears, students [...]

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