Let’s raise a healthier generation.

Dr. Dana Dorfman’s talks help families navigate achievement-obsessed culture and the ongoing mental health crisis.

With over 25 years of clinical practice and research, she brings a wealth of practical tools and humor.

Amidst our mental health crisis and success-obsessed culture, Dana helps teens, parents, and communities manage anxiety and achieve their goals with integrity.

She combines her three decades of mental health expertise with innovative approaches and down-to-earth wisdom that’s impactful for both large speaking events and intimate group conversations.

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Dana customizes speeches, Q&As, and intimate group conversations for your event or workshop.


Dr. Dorfman practices individual, adolescent, and preadolescent psychotherapy, as well as couples and relationship therapy.

About Dana

“Rhoda Morgenstern meets Sigmund Freud” is how one audience member describes Dr. Dorfman. With thirty years’ experience and academic research, a New Yorker’s sense of humor, and a mother’s warmth, she unpacks complex and sometimes taboo topics with wisdom and relatability. She’s the author of When Worry Works: How to Harness Your Parenting Stress And Guide Your Teen to Success.

Dr. Dorfman balances research and brings it down to earth from the “ivory tower” in funny, accessible ways. She’s self-revealing as well, because in her experience, being honest with her issues helps build trust with her patients and an audience. She connects with small groups in intimate settings like book clubs and community groups as well as with larger audiences like schools, conferences, and houses of worship.

Watch a clip of Dr. Dorfman

In 2021, Dana spoke at a Lululemon-sponsored event in New York City. Here she talks about—what else?—the subtle ways we can shame our kids.

Dana's Signature Topics

Adolescent Mental Health and Teen Wellbeing

Dana goes beyond the hysteria and headlines and gets to the root of what parents and caregivers need to know.

Making Anxiety (or Worry) Work

Approaches to managing worry, anxious thought patterns and distortions, plus how to make our worries work, particularly for parents.

The 8 Parent Anxiety Reaction Types (PART)

Dana created a practical framework (along with a free, confidential quiz) to help parents identify the unconscious ways their anxiety can manifest.

The Psychology of High Achievers and Success Culture

From her years of working with the country’s high-achievers, Dana gently invites  audiences to consider how their cultural and personal relationship with achievement affect their family—and how to break negative patterns.

Encouraging Achievement While Supporting Your Child's Wellbeing

All parents want to know how to find the right balance, and Dana’s broken it down into salient, easily applicable takeaways.

Hearing Your Teen So Your Teen Hears You: Healthy Parent-Teen Communication

Dana helps parents work on building a healthier relationship during the most tumultuous period of their kid’s development. This includes:

  • Shame-free framework for parents to help guide their teen to success

  • How parents’ fixation on the future can backfire—and what they can do about it

  • Subtle shifts that parents can make right now that over time will make an impact on their relationship

Gen Z + Gen Alpha Parenting Challenges

We’re raising a generation like no other—and Dana knows them well. (She’s a mom to two Gen Zs herself.)


Dana’s talk was timely and impactful; just what our audience needed. She was very easy to work with and so generous with her time!

— Amy Rahmani, Director, Arts & Culture, Evelyn Rubenstein JCC of Houston

I’ve had the pleasure of attending many of Dr. Dorfman’s workshops and I can wholeheartedly say that she is one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. She has an incredible sense of humor and rapport with parents. I could listen to her all day long.

— Jennifer Kendall, Assistant Director of Preschool, Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

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The Marlene Meyerson Manhattan JCC

United Nations International School

National Adoption Conference

What Fresh Hell podcast

SoHo Parenting Center

NYU Child Study Center


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