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Parenting Anxiety Type Reaction (PART) Quiz

8 Parenting Anxiety Reaction Types

Dr. Dana Dorfman, MSW, PhD, author of When Worry Works, has 25 years of clinical experience treating children, adolescents, parents and adults. She created the eight Parent Anxiety Reaction Types (PART) framework to help parents identify some of the unconscious ways that anxiety can manifest. Once you recognize your PARTs, you’ll be able to shift your parenting decisions to better align with your values, rather than reacting to your fears.

What to know before you take it:

  • The quiz is free and your answers are confidential. 
  • It should take you about 20 minutes to complete.
  • As you explore your results, you may identify with aspects of the 8 PARTs. Remember that each reaction type is not written in stone!
  • Consider them as frameworks for understanding rather than rigid molds that can help you make small parenting changes with a large impact on your kid’s trajectory and mental health—as well as your own.


Read the 16 questions and choose the answer that seems most generally true for you. If none of the situations are relevant or applicable, then choose the answer you’d most likely do or say.

The results will reveal your predominant Parenting Anxiety Reaction Types and what you can do next. (Most of us are a blend!)

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