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Human-to-human. One step at a time.

At all stages of life, uncomfortable feelings arise, but when they interfere with living, it may be time to seek help. My highly individualized, flexible, and down-to-earth approach will help you identify what’s holding you back, deepen your self-understanding, and guide you towards making changes to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Individual Psychotherapy

Informed by traditional and contemporary psychological approaches, we’ll work to understand and address your symptoms and move toward enhancing your emotional well being. The duration of treatment varies, but typically patients come for weekly sessions.

Adolescent Psychotherapy / Preadolescent Psychotherapy

A safe and trusting therapeutic relationship can help adolescents and preadolescents process challenges during this tumultuous time of life. During our sessions, your teen will develop new ways to manage individual and relationship stress such as anxiety, depression, family conflict, social anxiety, and academic issues.

Parent Guidance

Whether you’re dealing with typical child rearing struggles, or more complex emotional and developmental issues, talking with a therapist who specializes in parenting can relieve stress and anxiety. Our work will empower you to explore new ways to address parenting issues and manage family struggles. Depending on the challenges you’re facing, we might have 1-2 in-person or phone consultations, or we might decide to meet on an ongoing basis.

Couples and Relationship Therapy

From long-term partnerships to short-term relationships, we all experience shifting dynamics and bumps in the road. Whether you’re encountering conflicts around parenting, communication, sex, or money, relationship therapy can help. Our work together will enhance your communication as a couple, deepen your understanding of yourself and one another, and improve the quality of your relationship.

Assessments and Referrals

Not sure what kind of help you or your child needs? Using a methodical assessment process, I can help you identifying the ideal approach (e.g. psychotherapy, psychiatry, psychopharmacology, group therapy) and resources that are appropriate for you or your child.

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