The Argument For Arguing in Front of Your Kids

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Online parenting hub, The Tot, recently spoke to Dr. Dana Dorfman about arguing in front of your kids. Journalist Melanie Dimmitt suggests that, “exposure to healthy debate has been linked to creative thinking in children,” but of course, “there’s a right and a wrong way to argue around young ears.” Dana Dorfman spoke with Dimmitt on the topic, stating, “babies and toddlers are perceptive, and they are impacted by the emotional climate of their environments. So while they may not understand the content of a disagreement, they do feel the tension between adults,” Dr. Dorfman believes that arguing can be beneficial to children, but only if it’s done in a “thoughtful and developmentally sensitive manner.”

Read the article directly on The Tot: The Argument For Arguing in Front of Your Kids

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