5 Ways Dads Can Avoid The Loneliness That Comes With Being A New Parent, According to Experts

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by Lizzy Francis | July 25, 2019

“The first thing is identifying it and knowing that you are feeling lonely. Once you identify the feeling, then you can understand where the need comes from and then figure out ways to satisfy it. It could very well be something as simple as ‘I need to play basketball on Sundays’ or it could be, like, ‘I’m feeling disconnected from my wife and want more time with her,’ to even just needing to ‘share with her where I am emotionally.’ Some men experience loneliness sexually. Physical intimacy can sometimes satisfy them emotionally. So, understanding what the feeling is, where the need originates, and what it is that would help satisfy that need would be enormous. It could very well be that they need to connect with other dads or to just be with people who are in similar situations or the response to a loss of a parent. It could be that reconnecting with siblings helps satisfy it.” — Dr. Dana Dorfman, psychotherapist, LCSW

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