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Medicaid Expansion Tied to Lower Rates of Child Neglect, but Not Abuse

by George W. Citroner  | June 19, 2019

Commenting on the findings for Medscape Medical News, Dana Dorfman, PhD, a New York City-based child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist who was not involved with the current study, said there is “no doubt” that Medicaid expansion had a positive effect on children’s welfare. In addition to the obvious advantages of health, medical availability, and accessibility to healthcare for impoverished families, there are other, more nuanced factors that contribute to improvements in mental and physical health, she noted.

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When Toddlers Can Remember Life Before Their Sibling Was Born, According to Experts

by Cat Bowen | June 12, 2019

Dr. Dorfman says that “Memory researchers report that small children can retain memories from around 20 months, though they typically fade between the ages of 4 and 7 years old.” That tracks with my son, who really started losing those early memories in the past few years; now, they’re all but gone. She continues, saying, “Infants and toddlers do have memory systems, but many factors influence whether they are stored in long term memory.” Dorfman notes that one of these factors is “the emotional significance of the event,” such as the birth of a sibling. Also, as memory is developing, so is their grasp of language, and their ability to manipulate that language into coherent conversations surrounding an event.

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